Family Mediation Services



Hassan Law P.A. provides family mediation services. Mediation is the affordable, confidential, more amicable way for parties to resolve their issues regarding division of property, child support, custody, and alimony without having to litigate their matters in court. Ms. Hassan is an experienced mediator that has settled hundreds of disputes. She strives to assist couples to find a fair settlement and execute an agreement that can be ratified by the court while maintaining friendly and respectful familial relationships. We have separate comfortable conference rooms for parties to caucus with the mediator to ensure a high success rate of successful settlement.


Other Services



 Separation and divorce from your partner can be taxing. Contact us to explore your possibilities of an uncontested divorce, mediation, or if litigation is necessary. We will review your options regarding asset and debt distribution, parenting plans, alimony, child support and any other matter that is unique to your case. 

Parenting Plans



Child custody is comprised of two parts: s parental responsibility (how decisions pertaining to your child’s health, education and welfare are made) and timesharing (how much time you spend with your child). Whether it is a divorce or a paternity action, if there is a minor child, their must be a parenting plan submitted to the court which includes how decisions about your child will be made, parental timesharing and how expenses for the child will be shared.

Child Support is governed by Florida Statute 61.30 which considers the parent’s incomes, the timesharing schedule, health insurance expenses, child care expenses and certain deductions.

Guardian ad Litem



Guardians ad Litem are persons appointed by the court to represent “the best interests of the child” in court proceedings. Parents with cases in family court can request that the court appoint a Guardian ad Litem to investigate relevant facts that affect their children and report to the court with recommendations regarding timesharing arrangements, decision-making responsibilities, and any other concerns involving the welfare of the child.